Not all decisions in life are comfortable or clear-cut. 

No matter how many ‘pros and cons’ lists we make, it can be hard to fully understand who is really talking… our heart or our fear? Our true beliefs or other people’s opinions? Our wisdom or self-doubt?


This 2 hour intensive is for empaths and highly sensitive women who are struggling to centre themselves and their own desires within a decision making process.

It’s right for you if you’re keen and ready to… 

 Move past overwhelm and confusion into a place of soulful clarity.

See the truth within a situation so you can focus your energy in expansive ways.

Break cycles of over-thinking and connect with what’s really important.

Put yourself first and fully embrace your own desires and needs

Cleanse yourself of external energies so you can hear your intuition


I’m here to guide you back to the infinite knowing you have within your heart.


I will support you to do this through… 

Asking soulful questions

Questions that will help you to see yourself (and your life) in a whole new perspective. You will be lovingly supported to unravel the layers of your current thinking so you can discover what you reallydesire and start to unearth a path ahead that feels deeply aligned and inspiring. 

Going deep… fast

I’ll guide from your headspace and into your heart so you can break any cycles of ‘over thinking’ and let intuition lead the way. We’ll uncover any outside input that is clouding your clarity so you can shed away what’s not yours and instead bring your focus onto what will serve your needs. 

Helping you see the difference between logic & fear

When we’re faced with change it’s normal to have doubts and hesitations. Sometimes these are practical things that do need our attention, but sometimes our doubts are just our nerves trying to keep us in our comfort zone. I’ll help you translate the things you’re feeling so you can ensure you make a decision based on truth instead of fear. 

Offering intuitive feedback

I will be guided by my own intuitive and empathic skills so I can read between what’s being said and bring to light (with your permission) impressions and feelings that arise within me as we unpack what you wish to explore.

Creating an inspired action plan

We’ll come up with some practical steps you can take right now to move forward in your decision in a way that makes you feel excited, in control and firmly on the path towards the life you want to live.


Before we first connected, I was completely unaware of what goals I wanted to achieve. I knew that something in life needed changing but I had no idea what or how to get there – working with Thalia changed all of that.


Ready to discover and honour your true desires?

As part of this decision making process I’ll send you a soulful questionnaire that will start to awaken your true desires while also giving me an introduction to the options you’re exploring. We’ll then meet by video call for your Clarity Intensive session.

But first, let’s chat.

If you’re feeling the intuitive pull to seek support through this moment of poignant change, I would love to hear from you. Reach out through the form below to book your free discovery call.

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