"Eye-opening, valuable and exciting!"


"After hearing about coaching from my colleagues and their experience with Thalia, I decided to reach out. After talking for only 30 minutes in our discovery call, I received so much food for thought and many emotions were brought to the surface.

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Before we first connected, I was completely unaware of what goals I wanted to achieve. I knew that something in life needed changing but I had no idea what or how to get there – working with Thalia changed all of that.

I'd never had a coach before so I didn't know what to expect, but I definitely didn't realise that I would learn so much about myself. Through her powerful questions I was able to listen to my gut feelings, tap into my intuition and learn to trust myself. I felt like each session built upon the last.

Since I coached with Thalia I feel way more grounded than before. I am an optimist person, but I am also an overthinker. Now I have practical techniques that help me deal with negative beliefs, and sort through all the chaotic thoughts that would often cloud my mind and hinder me from achieving things. I am pleased to say that I am more motivated again as I'm not doubting myself anymore.

I am officially no longer stuck!"



"Warm and awakened"


Before I contacted Thalia, I was struggling emotionally, professionally and personally. I felt completely lost and couldn't identify any goals that I wanted to work towards or settle on a clear vision of my future.

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To begin with I was skeptical as I had no previous experience working with a life coach, but I feared feeling numb for the rest of my life. I was looking for help and was open.

After the first session I felt that I could be truly open with Thalia and that I wouldn't be judged. Her support allowed me to get really honest with myself about what I wanted and take responsibility for my choices – in the past, present and future.

This opened up a different way of thinking and taking action in my life.

Thank you for my future, Thalia."



"Deep and honest"


"Before our first session I felt nervous, but also determined to be completely honest and open. I didn't prepare much and in the beginning it was hard for me to find the words to describe what was my actual 'problem'. I knew I needed a change, but I didn't know which direction to go in.

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Throughout the coaching series I learnt how to define and articulate what I wanted and the goals I had for my life. I soon understood that until that had happened change would never come.

Other people noticed that through coaching I was becoming more inspired and motivated in my day to day life. Although the things I struggled with are still there, I now have ways to deal with them better. The mean girl voice is sometimes louder, sometimes more quiet, but now I can recognize it for what it is.

Now I do more things that I'm afraid of and would never have done before."



"Open and Inspirational"

Olaf Scheffers

"I was seeking a sense of purpose in my life. My goal was to find out what this was and what I am here on earth to do. Once I connected with Thalia I had a feeling of trust and an intuitive pull that coaching was the right decision and Thalia was the right coach for me.

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I was really excited to begin and curious to see what would come out of it – the only expectation I had was to trust myself and Thalia, and to believe in the process, not matter what the outcome.

I am pleased to say that my goal become much clearer and I uncovered what I wanted to discover. Since coaching with Thalia I have felt more in touch with my intuition and made more room for myself to explore my creativity.

The coaching sessions where a great experience! Not always easy but always a chance to reflect and tune in to my inner feelings to see what was really there."



"A source of inspiration"

Wolfgang Langeder

"I have worked with Thalia for 2 years. During that time I received personal coaching. To every session I attribute great value. Thalia understands how to, if needed, cut to the core. She takes you to the places where you wouldn't go yourself, where you need the extra push or guidance.

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Thalia quickly manages to read an individual's personality and adapts her coaching accordingly. She did a great job in identifying personal and professional goals as well as initiating and following up on strategies to reach them.

I very much enjoyed working with her and can only recommend other people to do so."