You’re a great catch!


But you feel like you're dating a different version of the same guy over and over again leading to the same dead-end relationship.

Is it him? Is it me?


You are a successful woman with a kick-ass career who has acquired all the external stuff; a nice house, awesome friends, a loving family, you even have the cute dog. You've invested in yourself multiple times and by all standards, you're living your best life, right? Umm, not exactly. There is that one BIG, obvious thing that's missing - love.

Inside you’re feeling lonely and embarrassed…

  • Your days are filled with rewarding work, and spending quality time with people you love, but the thought of spending another Saturday night in your pyjamas (and the ice cream tub) or worse still on a date with Mr-nice-but-oh-so-wrong-for-me doesn’t exactly float your boat (actually, the ice cream and pj’s aren’t sounding so bad after all….)

  • You live an independent life and enjoy seeing the world, but there are trips you haven’t gone on because you are alone (btw, how freaking expensive is it going it alone!!!).

  • You have wonderful girlfriends that are always there for you but most of them are happily married with the perfect family and you feel like, I'm the screwed up girl, because I haven’t found the right guy.

You're afraid you're going to remain frustrated, dissatisfied and lonely.

You long to feel madly in love with someone you trust and that feels the same way about you.

Well gorgeous, you’re not alone, there are so many women like you, and just like I was. But you are in good company. I worked it out. I know a way out of this shitty relationship cycle.

I can help you get to a place where you can totally rock this part of your life like you do the rest of it.

So, I developed the CREATE THE LOVE YOU LOVE program, for badass, successful and heart-centred women who feel stuck in a pattern of choosing men who are just not right for them but who long to find the love of their lives and to experience a deep level of intimacy.

So, let me show you what your life will look like after my program:

  • You radiate confidence and become a magnet for the right type of guys because you have a new-found level of self-love and self-compassion. Oh, and did I mention that you feel desirable AF?

  • You have a better understanding of yourself and the patterns you keep repeating AND you no longer ignore red flags - whoo-hoo!

  • You smile and laugh genuinely with your friends and family because you have finally released that ever-present burden of your old relationship patterns - YES!

  • You feel secure knowing that you can trust your inner guidance and intuition.

  • Dating again never felt so good because now you know what to look for.

  • You have your spark back and that little twinkle in your eyes.

This is a journey of deep self-awareness and radical self-worth…

It’s a path of self-love that will support you to access new levels of clarity so you can uncover what has been holding you back while welcoming the desires that are beautifully unique to you. This program is for YOU if you are ready to go deep and have the uncomfortable conversations that your heart has been secretly longing for.

Sounds like you?

You’re in the right place…


Through coaching, I will help you release your fears and blocks to uncover previously untapped clarity, desire and active self-love, and develop an action plan to create the love you long for.


The joy of one-to-one coaching is having a space that is tailored just for you; your very own dedicated supporter who offers loving, individual and non-judgemental support that is deeply relevant to your needs.

This is exactly what you’ll get as part of my CREATE THE LOVE YOU LOVE program.

Please note: The below is a road-map, not an exclusive guide. We will lean intuitivelyinto what you need session by session.

What to expect from our time together

  • We'll set some some really clear and inspiring goals right from the first session together and we'll explore your deep desires and get super specific about what they look and feel like.

  • Then we will look over your current life, take an inventory of it, and see what shifts you might wish to make in order to positively move towards the love you desire.

  • With compassion, utter respect and love, I will guide you to go deep to uncover your core fears, limiting beliefs, and patterns so that you can finally release them.

  • With my unwavering support you will take inspired and consistent action to keep you moving closer to your goals.

  • We'll explore options and awaken your deepest desires.

  • Of course, along the way, we'll celebrate all that you have become and achieved.

  • Finally we'll craft your very own personalised recipe for love.

I've even included a secret juicy bonus, because who doesn't love a bonus!

Copy of testimonial4.png
Thalia is a gifted coach, with a healer’s heart and an intuitive soul. She sees and tells it like it is in a way that I could always welcome and hear. I made huge pivots in my approach to live after a short time working with. There are so many love and relationship coaches out there but don’t be fooled: Thalia is the REAL DEAL if you are ready for love, she will help get you there.
— Devorah


How we can create magic

To ensure your time with me is the life-changing experience I know that it should be, I pledge to you a promise from me, and a suggested promise to yourself.

My promise to you

To guide you back to who you really are and what you really want. To help you reach your desired goals with dedication, empathy and zero judgment, but never allow you to forget your worth, reject your dreams or buy into your fears.

A promise to yourself

To let vulnerability and truth lead the way. To always remember why you chose to speak up, to ask for help, to create change within your life. To bravely move alongside fear and commit to the actions that you set – knowing that they came to you in moments of deep clarity.


Is coaching with me, right for you?


Go on an internal journey of discovery and unconditional self-love.

Bravely go deep and face uncomfortable truths that will support you in your journey.

Embrace your forgotten or neglected gifts that are close to your heart.

Move into vulnerably so you can stop hiding and step into the world as who you really are.

Put yourself, your needs and desires into the driving seat of your life.

Take radical responsibility and inspired action towards the life you long to live.


Don’t currently feel emotionally resilient enough to face your fears and insecurities.

Aren’t yet ready to be fully seen in your truth, by yourself or others.

Are deeply resistant (and not at all excited) about making significant change.






The cost of the CREATE THE LOVE YOU LOVE program is 2,500 EUROS.

Payment plans available - let’s chat on our call!


Before any decisions are made, it’s really important for us to get to know each other and explore how I might be able to support you to achieve what your heart is yearning for.

If you decide to join me for the CREATE THE LOVE YOU LOVE program, you’ll then be given a deep, explorative questionnaire that starts you on the journey of soulful self-awareness and give us a helpful starting point for when we connect for session 1.

Book in your complimentary LOVE BREAKTHROUGH consult today.