I created this coaching series, Deeply Divine, for high-achieving, soul-centred women who feel stuck in a cycle of choices or behaviours that are preventing them from creating the life they truly want to live.

 This is a journey of deep self-awareness back to who you are… at the soul level.

 It’s a path of self-love that will support you to access new levels of clarity so you can uncover what has been holding you back while lovingly embracing the desires, skills and overlooked goals that are beautifully unique to you.

It’s for people who are ready to go deep and have the uncomfortable conversations that their heart has been secretly longing for.

 Sound like you? You’re in the right place…


Here's what I believe:

Self-love holds the answers

 The ability to love ourselves, where we are right now, holds the answers to the missing pieces many of us seek. Loving yourself as you are doesn’t mean forgetting your goals or the changes your wish to make. Instead it does the opposite. Self-love enables you to face the obstacles that have held you back and more confidently make choices that reflect and nurture who you really are.

Perfectionism isn’t an asset

 There’s nothing wrong with wanting things to be a certain way, but when that desire stops you from ever getting to the finish line (or being happy when you do), it becomes a negative block that stops you from creating the life you wish, and deserve, to live.

Prioritising yourself isn’t selfish

Putting your needs and desires first, isn’t about putting other peoples’ last, it simply means that the choices, relationships and environments that make up your life nurture your heart and soul. Ensuring that your cup is overflowing before you try to serve, is just as nurturing to those you love as it is to you.




The joy of one-to-one coaching is having a space that is tailored just for you; your very own dedicated supporter who offers loving, individual and non-judgemental support that is deeply relevant to your needs.

This is exactly what you’ll get as part of my Deeply Divine coaching series. However, there are some universal guiding truths that we’ll touch upon along the way.

 Please note: The below is a loving road-map, not an exclusive guide. We will lean into what you need during every session in an intuitive, fluid way.

Session 1: Intention Setting

  • Set beautiful intentions for what you wish to achieve during and after our time together.

  • Explore your desires and get really specific about what they look and feel like.

  • Craft an inspiring statement that will keep you grounded with love to your intentions that you can refer to any time.

  • Teachings in how to practice heart coherence (a pre-meditation practice that will make you feel AH-mazing!)

Session 2 : Self-Love Inventory

  • Lovingly look over your current life and see what shifts you might wish to make in order to positively move towards the life you desire.

  • Raise your self-awareness through starting to uncover all the things that make you ‘you’.

  • Address any beliefs about yourself and your life that may be holding you back. 

Session 3: Uncovering Old Stories

  • Going deeper into your limiting beliefs and starting to explore where they’ve come from.

  • Journey into your childhood through meditation to expose and begin to heal the root of certain blocks. 

  • Lovingly bring to the surface any old wounds and feel into what comes up.

  • Address fear, insecurity and pain-points and begin to transmute them.

Session 4: Soulful Momentum 

  • Continue to feel into any resistance that may be coming up for you in between our sessions

  • Transform any fears or emotional blocks back into love and expansive ways of thinking though guided meditation.

  • Receive a card reading that will tap into any further healing points that will benefit you.

Session 5: Grounding & Adjustments

  • Re-engage with your dreams for the future with a guided visualization.

  • Connect with your feelings, and how these may have changed since the beginning of your coaching journey. 

  • Define what it means to you to feel empowered, and consider which actions you can continue to take to feel this way.

  • Check in with the emotional and physical shifts that have been happening, and consider how you can move deeper into alignment with your own healing journey. 

Session 6: Soulful review

  • Celebration of all that you have become and achieved.

  • Travel back to our first session and through our journey together; recognising and giving thanks to shifts that have occurred.

  • Review the most significant moments, insights and learnings that have shaped where you are right now.

  • Plan for and set-up the next steps that will take you even further towards your goals.

  • Receive a card reading to support you in the this next chapter.

Bonus Follow Up (1 month after series): 

  • Discuss your current situation and uncover all the things that have shifted, changed or arisen for you since we last connected.

  • Review the ‘next steps’ you created in Session 6.

  • Address any blocks or challenges that have come up and discuss possible tools or tweaks that could support you.

  • Receive final steps, support, advice or tools that you feel will benefit you in your continued personal journey. 

After the first session I felt that I could be truly open with Thalia and that I wouldn’t be judged. Her support allowed me to get really honest with myself about what I wanted and take responsibility for my choices – in the past, present and future.
— Zarina


How we can create magic

To ensure your time with me is the life-changing experience I know that it should be, I pledge to you a promise from me, and a suggested promise to yourself.

My promise to you

To guide you back to who you really are and what you really want. To help you reach your desired goals with dedication, empathy and zero judgment, but never allow you to forget your worth, reject your dreams or buy into your fears.

A promise to yourself

To let vulnerability and truth lead the way. To always remember why you chose to speak up, to ask for help, to create change within your life. To bravely move alongside fear and commit to the actions that you set – knowing that they came to you in moments of deep clarity.


Is coaching with me, right for you?


Go on an internal journey of discovery and unconditional self-love.

Bravely go deep and face uncomfortable truths that will support you in your journey.

Embrace your forgotten or neglected gifts that are close to your heart.

Move into vulnerably so you can stop hiding and step into the world as who you really are.

Put yourself, your needs and desires into the driving seat of your life.

Take radical responsibility and inspired action towards the life you long to live.


Don’t currently feel emotionally resilient enough to face your fears and insecurities.

Aren’t yet ready to be fully seen in your truth, by yourself or others.

Are deeply resistant (and not at all excited) about making significant change.


Ready to feel like you’re becoming the person you know you’re destined to be?


If you believe in your heart that coaching with me is the step you need to get there, I loving encourage you to reach out and be seen.


The cost of the Deeply Divine Coaching Series is 5,000 EUROS.

(Payment plans available)


Before any decisions are made, it’s really important for us to get to know each other and explore how I might be able to support you to achieve what your heart is yearning for.

If you decide to join me for Deeply Divine coaching series, you’ll then be given a deep, explorative questionnaire that start you on the journey of soulful self-awareness and give us a helpful starting point for when we connect for session 1.

If you have any questions you can send me a message here.