You’re successful, smart and ambitious. But despite all you have to offer, you haven’t found the love you long for and deserve.

  • You feel like a failure despite all your many accomplishments

  • You’re ashamed, humiliated and embarrassed at not succeeding in love

  • Going to bed alone every night kind of sucks

You’re frustrated that love hasn’t worked out the way you planned. You feel like it’s your fault for making the wrong choices, and despite how much you've achieved in life, you just can't seem to get this right. Deep down you're afraid you're going to remain single, frustrated and alone forever.

Gorgeous, I completely get where you are at, and I so totally feel you. I spent 17 years with the wrong man, and then spent many more years watching my female friends fall in love with good men who were perfectly wrong for them. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

So gorgeous, that is exactly why I developed the CREATE THE LOVE YOU LOVE program, a 3-month journey of deep self-awareness and self-love. With me as your guide and personal cheerleader you will access new levels of clarity so you can uncover what has been holding you back from choosing a loving and lasting relationship.

I can help you find love.

After my marriage ended, I felt like such a failure and struggled with a lot of shame for staying with the wrong man for way too many years. It made me feel even worse that everyone around me seemed to have the perfect relationship while mine was in pieces.

Things weren’t great, but then, I lost the most important man in my life- my father -and I hit rock bottom. Self-hate took over. I resented myself and the people who I thought had taken too much from me. I was overwhelmed by a rollercoaster of horrible emotions and began making really bad decisions in my romantic relationships.

And then I discovered the wonderful world of online dating (this was way back in the 00's when online dating was just becoming a thing). Oh boy, was I in for a ride. Who knew there would be so many losers hanging out online just waiting for a confused, heart-broken, totally-needing-love- again mum of four?!

But, as a hopeless romantic (and eternal optimist) I put myself out there and finally I found what I thought was a pretty decent guy. He showered me with compliments, lifted me up and made me feel things I hadn't felt in years. Fast forward to five dates and some pretty big red-flag flying later, it hit me: 'You've done it again - he's not the one'.

It was in that moment I realised the pattern I was in and the work I had to do on myself, first.

I took my skills as a Corporate Coach and turned them on myself. The process wasn’t easy, but I slowly began to remember who I really was. I started to hear (and believe) positive things about myself. I set healthy boundaries, prioritized my own needs, got really honest with the most important people in my life… and my confidence grew. I trained in a whole new type of coaching, life coaching, and I became my own first success story.

Today I live with the man of my dreams in the Netherlands where I combine over 20 years of coaching experience with a gift of seeing and feeling other people’s pain to help women like you through this deep, inner journey to love.


I'm Thalia and I'd love for us to get to know each other better…

So…here's some weird and absolutely-freaking wonderful things about me…(yes, I own it)

I find vacuuming therapeutic (as well as kitchen cleaning) which is very much appreciated by my incredible husband and the four extraordinary women who call me mum.

I love to tell jokes… but ALWAYS forget the punchline. I start laughing as soon as I start the joke, which cracks everyone else up.

My fear of going up the stairs surpasses my fear of going down the stairs (the struggle is real). But, I love scary rides! I’ll take a wild roller coaster over a Ferris Wheel any day.

So gorgeous, now it’s your turn. The love of your life is out there, but your journey starts right here with you. You are so ready to feel good about yourself, to feel complete with your life.


You are ready to create a love you love!



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