Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Thalia Y Kleckin


I inspire individuals and organisations to lead with their humanity by providing evidence-based Intuitive Intelligence® workshops, training programs and 1:1 coaching.

I work with Directors, Executives and Senior leadership teams and individuals to help them build human-centered cultures, boost employee well-being, improve employee engagement and drive the bottom line.


My ethical principles are the values that set the ground rules for what I do, how I serve my clients and the standards in which I hold myself to. They are the pillars of my coaching, training, facilitation and intuitive business.

I am committed to providing the highest level of sacred service and care. Through my coaching, training, and intuitive guidance programs I aim to empower my clients to empower themselves. I am here only to be of service for the highest good of all.

  • Integrity

  • Authenticity

  • Freedom

  • Love


  • Integrity is defined as the practice of being honest and showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and vales.

  • I am committed to being in integrity in all my dealings with clients and collaborators.

  • I am committed to honouring my cultural and teaching lineage, and identifying my sources.

  • I will not make any public or written statements that are false or misleading about what a client will receive from me as a coach, trainer or intuitive intelligence teacher. Nor will I misrepresent my credentials.

  • I commit to being the demonstration of my values, ethics and mission. I will not advise or share tools, techniques, and practices that I have not implemented and used myself

  • I will maintain, store and dispose of any records created during my coaching and intuitive guidance business in a manner that promotes confidentiality, security and privacy of my clients.

  • I will have clear agreements with my clients and honour those agreements within the context of a professional coaching and intuitive guidance relationship.

  • I will carefully explain and strive to ensure that, prior to signing an agreement, a potential client understands the nature of coaching and intuitive guidance, financial arrangements and any other terms of the coaching and intuitive guidance agreement.

  • I will set clear, appropriate and applicably cultural boundaries concerning any physical contact I may have with my clients.


  • To wholly embrace who I am and show up as the most ‘real’ version of myself, inspiring others to embrace their authenticity too.

  • I commit to being congruent with my words, actions and deeds and in alignment with my values and ethics. I commit to course correct in the instances that I step out of congruence and alignment.


I believe in:

  • Freedom of expression

  • Equality & liberation for all of humanity

  • Inclusivity & diversity (anti-racism, anti ageism, trans & gender diversity)

  • Body equality


  • I commit to leading and serving with heart, empathy and compassion.

  • I value people, passion and purpose over profits.

  • I commit to being in service for the highest good of all.



I will not serve for my own personal gain alone, whether in the shape of the attainment of financial or material benefits and/or other betterment of my own life.

I commit to acting in the best interest of my clients at all times.


I promise to, regardless of sex, age, ethnicity, colour, religion, able-bodiedness or sexual preference, make my work available and accessible to all who seek it. Furthermore, I will treat all persons equally and without prejudice or discrimination.


I commit to ongoing training and self-development professionally, personally and spiritually.

I vow to meet my fear every day, knowing that in doing so I become the example for my clients to meet theirs.


I will endeavour to avoid conflicts of interest and will offer to remove myself when such a conflict arises.

I will disclose to my clients any anticipated compensation from third parties, such as affiliate payments, that I may receive for referrals of that client.

I will not knowingly take any personal, professional or monetary advantage or benefit of the coach-client relationship, except by a form of compensation as established in the coaching agreement. The acceptance of small gifts is exempt.

I will not become sexually intimate with any of my current clients.


I will encourage the client to make a change if I believe they would be better served by another coach/intuitive guide or resource.

I will suggest my client seeks the services of other professionals when I deem that is appropriate.