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You're ambitious, driven and you've:

Successfully climbed the corporate ladder

Enjoyed great success (and the money that goes with it)

Bought the house and the nice car

You've ticked all the societal boxes

BUT inside:

You're struggling to find meaning to your work

You've lost your mojo and sense of purpose

You find it hard to feel joy and often feel overwhelmed

You feel guilty for not feeling happy

I know this so well because I was where you are!

Hi there,

I'm Thalia,

Qualified Life Coach with 25+ years corporate experience, Certified Intuitive (heart) Intelligence Trainer, Teacher, and Intuitive Intelligence Tapping practitioner, and mum of 4.

I spent years climbing the corporate ladder, achieving success and enjoying the benefits of the lifestyle that afforded me BUT inside I was exhausted and completely unhappy. In the end the money and success just wasn't enough...

This is exactly why I’m so passionate about helping professionals just like you find their purpose and joy.

I help professionals create purposeful soul-led lives by learning to use their intuitive intelligence.

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You're ready to find meaning and feel joy again.

How? With a free, 30 minute clarity call. Let's create magic together.